Lasting positive impact together at the speed of trust 


Letter From

HRH Prince Feisal al Hussein of Jordan

Founder and Chairman

Dear Friends,

In 2022, Generations For Peace (GFP) reaffirmed its resilience and unwavering commitment to grassroots peacebuilding. Our dedicated volunteers and staff worldwide have demonstrated exceptional commitment to our mission, enabling us to embark on an exciting new chapter: youth, peace, and climate.   

Over the past 16 years, we have proudly empowered and equipped 22,916 peacebuilders who have helped implement our programmes across 52 countries, touching the lives of over 1,454,249 children, youth, and adults worldwide. Building on this remarkable foundation, in 2022, we have taken steps to expand the scope of our programming with a focus on youth-led climate action, we are actively implementing programmes to empower youth to transform themselves from the most vulnerable generation to the most influential in mitigating climate change impacts. We have continued implementing programmes with our flagship tool, Sport For Peace, as well as Arts, Advocacy, Dialogue, Media, and Empowerment for peacebuilding.

We began our peacebuilding mission as a sportfForpeace organisation in 2007We remain the only peace-through-sport Recognised Organisation by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). Their support has allowed us to continue implementing life-changing programmes that harness sport to unite communities, namely through our recently renewed partnership with the Olympic Refuge Foundation (ORF).   

2022, we hosted IOC President Dr Thomas Bach and renewed our partnership with the ORF to implement the Riadati Programme in Jordan – to improve the mental health and psychosocial well-being of displacement-affected vulnerable Syrian, Palestinian, and Jordanian youth through sport. We were also honoured to host International Basketball Federation (FIBA) representatives in Jordan, broadening our global partnerships and amplifying our impact in advancing grassroots peacebuilding across the globe.  

We have led by example for the last three years to address the urgent climate crisis, starting from within. We have proudly maintained a “Net Zero” Carbon Footprint each year since 2019 and a “Zero Single-Use Plastic” policy at our headquarters in Amman.  

We hosted Jordan’s first-ever Local Conference of Youth on Climate Change in 2021 in advance of COP26, and again in 2022. In partnership with the Ministry of Environment (MoEN), the Ministry of Youth (MoY), and UNICEF, we launched “SAWN”, Jordan’s first Youth Climate Action Programme, and supported youth participants to represent Jordan at COP27 in Egypt. We have prioritised climate literacy training for journalists, complementing another focus for us in 2022 with our newest tool: Media For Peace.   

We know that media misuse is a threat to society, and media literacy an essential skill.  Media For Peace is our latest tool that aims to mitigate these issues. As such, one of our proudest feats of 2022 is the successful implementation of our Media For Peace tool through various Programmes.   

Through the Youth Media Programme, with a variety of digital media formats, we have connected youth with stakeholders creating space for conversation and innovative new platforms and productions for youth to express their thoughts and opinions. At a time when media infiltrates every aspect of our lives, we know it is of utmost importance to spread awareness among our youth and media professionals about using it ethically, responsibly, and factually.  

In 2022, we empowered Jordanian and Syrian refugee youth in Amman to produce the award-winning short film Abia, showcased at various international film festivals and the United Nations (UN) Headquarters in New York during the UN’s International Women’s Day celebration and the UN Commission on the Status of Women session. It fills us with pride that the film has won the Best Foreign Language Film award at the 2022 British Short Film Awards.    

Meanwhile, we are actively improving the lives of youth worldwide to promote peace, tolerance, and respect, contributing to the betterment of our communities and our world.  In Ghana, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Syria, the United States, and beyond, our global programmes promote social cohesion, trust, physical and mental health, peacefulness, tolerance, respect, and cooperation among diverse youth, contributing to conflict transformation in every corner of the world.  

In 2022 GFP was ranked “#25 in the Top 200 Social Good Organisations in the World” by TheDotGood, making GFP the #3 Peacebuilding SGO and the #1 SGO in the Arab World. GFP was also granted ECOSOC Consultative Status by the UN Economic and Social Council. These feats highlight our dedication to peacebuilding and persistent focus on innovation, quality, impact, and sustainability.   

In the face of complex and urgent global challenges, our mission to build peace has never been more critical. To go far, we must go together, and the commitment of our youth leaders, partners, and donors is the fuel that enables us to create lasting positive impact together at the speed of trust. I want to thank you all for that trust, which we will continue to work tirelessly to earn in all our work together to build a more peaceful world. 

Pass It On!   

Who We are

Generations For Peace (GFP) is a leading global non-profit organisation dedicated to sustainable, youth-led peacebuilding and conflict transformation from the grassroots. We empower volunteer leaders of youth to promote active tolerance and responsible citizenship in communities experiencing different forms of violent conflict around the world. 

To empower youth to lead and cascade sustainable change in communities experiencing conflict, through world-class, free education in conflict transformation and the use of sport, arts, advocacy, dialogue, media, and empowerment for peacebuilding.

Sustainable peace in actively tolerant communities through responsible citizenship.

Our Values

Youth Leadership

We believe youth have a vital role to play in leading social change and transforming conflict in their communities.

Community Empowerment

We believe in working at the grassroots, supporting youth to build on local strengths to help communities transform themselves into tolerant, peaceful societies.

Active Tolerance

We believe peace is a process driven by active understanding, dialogue, and positive engagement with others, founded on trust and respect.

Responsible Citizenship

We believe social change begins with personal responsibility and is sustained when people are actively engaged in creating the shared future of their community.

HQ Staff

Countries Reached

Field Coordinators

Volunteers Trained

HQ Interns

Lives Impacted

Our volunteers

Through the success of its cascading model, Generations For Peace (GFP) has trained a ninth generation of volunteers who live and implement programs in high-conflict contexts to address a mix of cross-cutting themes, including climate change, the role of media in society, inter-tribal, ethnic, and religious conflicts, violent extremism, gender equality, post-conflict trauma response, reconciliation, reintegration, and the exclusion of minorities, including internally displaced people, refugees, and persons with disabilities, as well as challenges of integration in a multicultural society.

They use sports, arts, advocacy, dialogue, media, and empowerment as peacebuilding vehicles to empower children, youth, and adults to transform conflict and build lasting peace.


“GFP positively impacted me by teaching me how to interact with people from different backgrounds. It changed my perspective, helping me understand that it’s alright for people to have different ways of thinking. I realized that even if they come from a different background, it’s still acceptable because ultimately, we are all human.” 

Zayan, Youth Participant, Youth INTERACTS    

Sri Lanka 

“There are many conflicts in Sri Lanka since it’s a multi-ethnic country with many languages. Everyone has a responsibility to reduce the country’s problems. We conducted 20 Programme sessions, two community engagement activities and one exchange visit. We had massive success with this. We witnessed many positive relationships between the participants and the beneficiary community through the Programme activities.”

Ahamed Lebbe Muksith, GFP Volunteer 


My journey with Sawn was enriching, filled with excitement, joy, and knowledge. Being a volunteer and attending the trainings to learn and understand the environmental dimensions, legal frameworks, agreements, and the depth of the environmental issue, then facilitating and transferring my knowledge and skills to peers, leading campaigns, participating in the preparation and discussion of national policies, and interacting with volunteers from various backgrounds to make an impact on climate action, is a truly exceptional experience.” 

Anwar Nezami, Sawn for Youth Climate Action Programme Youth Leader 


Over the past 16 years, GFP has implemented over 111 peacebuilding programmes, which span an average duration of 12-18 months, in Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and North America, and has trained young volunteers in 52 countries around the world.

Satellite Offices:
Kaduna – Nigeria
Colombo – Sri Lanka
Nashville, TN – USA

Jordan Programmes Highlights

GFP sports

Riadati | Olympic Refuge Foundation  

Supported by the Olympic Refuge Foundation (ORF), and implemented by Generations For Peace (GFP), the Riadati (My Sport) Programme aims to improve mental health and psychosocial well-being of displacement-affected vulnerable Syrian, Palestinian, and Jordanian youth through sport. Launched in 2022, the renewed three-year partnership enables female and male youth aged 10 to 24 years to engage in high-quality sport activities delivered at the UNICEF Makani Centres in host communities. Additionally, for the first time, the programme will be implemented in refugee camps, and during the summer camps organised in coordination with the Ministry of Education (MoE) and Jordan School Sports Federation (JSSF). 

In 2022, the Programme organized 12 summer sport camps throughout Jordan, with the participation of 1,200 school students from different nationalities. A total of 12 MoE staff and 36 volunteers, including a group of Physical Education teachers, attended intensive training sessions focused on life and social skills. These skills have enabled them to utilize Sport for Protection and promote its contribution to psychosocial well-being, social inclusion, and cohesion for the summer camp activities and beyond. 

GFP sports

Youth Media Programme Jeel01 | U.S. Embassy in Jordan 

The Youth Media (YM) Program is implemented with support from the U.S. Embassy in Jordan, with the primary objective of establishing a sustainable media platform that is led by young people. The Program aims to highlight the voices of youth, showcase their ideas and solutions, and promote their causes to create positive alternative narratives. To achieve this goal, it employs a multi-format approach, utilizing innovative channels such as podcasts, visual productions, blogs, and policy-reflective papers to engage and influence young people, communities, stakeholders, and institutions across Jordan.   

Activities carried out in 2022 involved forming a youth committee, and developing the Program’s branding, initiating the production phase, leading to the creation of 67 productions including 10 Tahwileh podcasts, 23 Café Stories audio-visual interviews, 10 blogs,  nine policy-reflective papers and 15 episodes of the Dawsheh drama series to be launched in 2023, covering pressing youth-selected topics including climate change, youth mental health, women empowerment, entrepreneurship and employment, sport for development, arts for development, persons with disabilities, media and society, and youth political participation. 

GFP sports

Abia | The Irish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Embassy of Ireland in Jordan 

The short film Abia was produced in the final stage of the training sessions hosted by GFP in cooperation with Belfast’s Cinemagic in 2022, with the support of the Irish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Embassy of Ireland in Jordan. The training began in January 2022. Participants joined the Cinemagic masterclasses presented by international production managers, screenwriters, and award-winning filmmakers, including Screenwriter and Filmmaker Ryan Rowe, Screenwriter, Production Manager, Director, and Playwright Maire Campbell, as well as Assistant Director Terry Bamber, and Producer-Director, Sam Nutt, who supervised the film crew in Jordan.

Abia has been showcased at various international film festivals and at the United Nations Headquarters in New York during the UN’s International Women’s Day celebration and the UN Commission on the Status of Women session. The film focuses on asylum and gender-based violence, topics chosen by diverse youth in Jordan who participated in its production. We are incredibly proud that the film has been nominated for 11 categories and won the Best Foreign Language Film award at the 2022 British Short Film Awards. 

GFP sports

Media For Peace II | U.S. Embassy in Jordan 

GFP concluded the activities of the second edition of the Media For Peace Program in 2022, in partnership with the U.S. Embassy in Jordan. The Media For Peace Program promoted peacebuilding values that are integral to good media practices for journalists and media professionals. In 2022, the Program provided intensive training sessions focused on critical media consumption skills, conflict sensitive reporting, media work and photojournalism ethics, gender sensitive reporting, as well as fact-checking. The training was followed by horizontal learning and panel discussion events to build a community of practice to support effective application of the curriculum in daily work.    

The second edition of the Media For Peace Program benefitted 97 journalists from Jordanian media channels, media department representatives of governmental, private, and non-profit institutions, as well as journalism and media students.

GFP sports

Maharati | UNICEF 

Since 2017, Maharati (My Skills) Programme has been implemented in partnership between GFP, the Ministry of Youth (MoY), and UNICEF Jordan. Maharati aims to build and develop transferable skills among young people across Jordan with a focus on the most marginalised participants including refugees, out of school children, girls, and adolescents with disability. In 2022, GFP provided technical and monitoring support to the MoY frontline staff, leading the transition and institutionalisation phase of the Programme to become part of the matrix of Youth Programmes at the MoY Youth Centres.  

During the one-year transition phase, GFP and UNICEF Jordan organised 20 training sessions for 200 MoY employees. This enabled them to lead the Programme’s activities independently. In addition, a transition kit was developed to provide guidance on financial management, media and communications, and monitoring and evaluation.  Since its launch, the Programme has reached 135,954 young women and men in Jordan. 

GFP sports

SAWN for Youth Climate Action | UNICEF 

In 2022, GFP, the Ministry of Youth (MoY), and the Ministry of Environment (MoEN) and UNICEF Jordan partnered to launch the first-of-its-kind Programme in Jordan, SAWN (Preservation) for Youth Climate Action. The Programme has built the capacities and skills of 36 Youth Leaders across Jordan and improved their knowledge on local and international climate issues. The Programme has benefited a total of 456 youth from all governorates by providing advocacy and leadership trainings, and has reached 2,280 direct and indirect community members through a series of advocacy and engagement events, conducted by the participants in the local communities. 

The SAWN Programme kicked off in conjunction with the second Local Conference of Youth on Climate Change (LCOY) under the umbrella of the “YOUNGO”, co-hosted by GFP, MoY, MoEN, and UNICEF Jordan, with the support of Bank al Etihad and KOICA. A group of experts and climate specialists attended the event with the participation of nearly 100 local youths interested in climate action. The two-day event, which was live-streamed, reached a total of 216,644 viewers on Facebook. Four of the SAWN Programme Youth Leaders participated in the 27th Conference of the Parties of the UNFCCC (COP 27), held in Egypt in November 2022, echoing the voices of Jordanian youth and presenting the environmental recommendations from the LCOY. 


GFP sports

Leadership | UNICEF 

Launched in 2022, the Leadership Programme, implemented by GFP, Ministry of Youth (MoY), and UNICEF Jordan, aims to empower young people in Jordan to develop the skills, confidence, and resilience needed to take on leadership roles in their communities.  

The Programme has built the leadership capacities of 36 MoY staff members who have led the implementation of 216 ongoing sessions throughout the Kingdom reaching 900 young participants. The Programme has conducted 108 peer-to-peer sessions and benefitted a total of 3,420 indirect community members.  

GFP sports

Learning Bridges Clubs | UNICEF 

In 2022, GFP started implementing the Learning Bridges Clubs Programme (LBC) in partnership with UNICEF Jordan in cooperation with the Ministry of Youth (MoY) and the Ministry of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship (MoDEE). Building on the Learning Bridges Initiative launched in 2020 by the Ministry of Education (MoE) GFP led the development of the LBC facilitation manual and built the capacities of 40 MoY and MoDEE staff members in 20 Youth Centres and Knowledge Stations across Jordan. The Programme enabled the participants to provide safe spaces that promote self-learning among students in grades four to 10. 

Throughout the 20 community meetings, 20 quality assurance field visits, and three support meetings GFP provided the MoY and MoDEE with technical guidance on facilitation methodologies and techniques, standard operating procedures (SOPs), outreach tools, follow-up mechanisms, and quality control tools to ensure the successful implementation of the LBC activities and engage the largest number of students.  

GFP sports

Makani | UNICEF 

Through the Skills Building Component implemented at the UNICEF-Makani (My Space) Centres, GFP and UNICEF Jordan developed the capacities of the UNICEF-Makani partner staff members, to present transferable life skills to youth in host communities, refugee camps, and Informal Tented Settlements (ITSs) across Jordan. 

In 2022, GFP’s technical team conducted 14 capacity-building trainings for 274 staff members, facilitators, and frontline staff from the Ministry of Social Development (MoSD), Islamic Charity Center Society (ICCS), Jordan River Foundation (JRF), Mateen, East Amman Charity, Tkiyet Um Ali – Adam Charity Committee, as well as Zaatari and Azraq Camps. Based on a previously conducted Learning Needs Assessment (MNS), the staff received technical training on tools to design, prepare, monitor, and deliver the Skills Building Component’s activities. The training included 10 ongoing mentoring and coaching sessions and 90 field visits.  

GFP sports

SafeCity | Embassy of Switzerland in Jordan 

Around the world gender-based violence is a hidden pandemic often treated as taboo. With the support of the Embassy of Switzerland in Jordan and in partnership with the Red Dot Foundation, GFP is developing the SafeCity Application, which will be launched in 2023, providing a tool for reporting harassment and gender-based violence, empowering individuals, communities, and city governments to create safer public and private spaces. The application aims to harness the power of citizen crowdsourcing of data to elevate GBV from the invisible and undiscussable to the visible, discussable, and actionable. 

In 2022, Generations For Peace (GFP) team members joined a training session on the platform, which is currently being localised for a linguistic and cultural adaptation to Jordan. 

SafeCity | Embassy of Switzerland in Jordan 

Around the world gender-based violence is a hidden pandemic that is often treated as taboo. With the support of the Embassy of Switzerland in Jordan and in partnership with Red Dot Foundation, Generations For Peace (GFP) is developing the SafeCity Application, which will be launched in 2023, providing a tool for reporting harassment and gender-based violence, empowering individuals, communities, and city governments to create safer public and private spaces. The application aims to harness the power of citizen crowdsourcing of data to elevate GBV from the invisible and undiscussable to the visible, discussable, and actionable. 

In 2022, Generations For Peace (GFP) team members joined a training session on the platform, which is currently being localised for a linguistic and cultural adaptation to Jordan. 

GFP sports

Youth, Peace and Security | UNFPA 

GFP has supported the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) in implementing the Youth, Peace and Security (YPS) Agenda in Jordan. Guided by the UNSCR resolution 2250, YPS focuses on capacity-building for youth and equips them with the skills needed to respond to their communities’ concerns. In 2022, GFP engaged 125 youth in five MoY centres across Jordan in Advocacy For Peace trainings and ongoing sessions, empowering them to implement events and community initiatives that address local priorities and needs.

In 2022, GFP reached 125 Youth Leaders and Youth Workers and 250 indirect beneficiaries.

GFP sports

Integrated Social Services for Vulnerable Youth | World Bank

Supported by GFP and implemented by the World Bank the Integrated Social Services (ISS) Programme for Vulnerable Youth was launched in 2022. Through capacity-building for civil society partners, youth benefit from capacity-building workshops and activities. In 2022, GFP held three cohorts of four-day workshops to build the capacity of 31 heads of departments at the Ministry of Youth (MoY) Youth Centres across Jordan and 31 representatives of community-based organisations (CBOs) from three regions. The workshops aimed at empowering the participants by training them to submit specialised sub-grant proposals using design thinking methodology. 

In 2022, GFP benefitted 62 Youth Centers and CBO participants, supported the development of 25 subgrants and proposals, and indirectly benefitted 2,500 youth. 

GFP sports

Fareeqi Programme | Generation Amazing Foundation 

Launched in September 2022, the Fareeqi Programme was implemented by GFP and GA in strategic partnership with the Ministry of Education (MoE) to implement a variety of GA Football For Development and GFP Sport For Peace activities to enhance social cohesion in 10 schools across five governorates in Jordan. As a part of the eight-month Programme, two youth football tournaments kicked off Fareeqi activities in September of 2022. The Fareeqi activities helped address bullying and exclusion amongst students and enhance values of diversity, including gender equality and inclusion of persons with disabilities.     

In 2022, the Programme has benefited 800 students, 20 teachers from the Ministry of Education (MoE), and 240 additional youth through the tournaments.  

GFP sports

Improving Protection Spaces and Practices | RDPP II 

In 2022, the “Improving Protection Spaces and Practices (IPSP) for Syrians and Jordanians in Host Communities” Programme concluded its activities. This Programme was funded by the European Regional Development and Protection Programme in Support of Lebanon, Jordan, and Iraq (RDPP II) and implemented by Generations for Peace (GFP) in strategic partnership with the Ministry of Youth (MoY). The Programme aimed to promote inclusion and social cohesion in Jordan, focusing on the areas affected by conflicts resulting from the Syrian refugee crisis. 

The Programme built the capacity of 344 MoY staff on protection and gender-based violence, case identification, referral, and safety standards. This enabled them to provide high-quality protection services to children and youth in local host communities. Additionally, the Programme developed the skills of 360 Jordanian and Syrian youth by engaging them in Community Needs Assessments (CNA) and Advocacy For Peace sessions. The Programme reached a total of 4,180 direct and indirect community members in a series of community events. 

Based on the CNA results, the Programme created protection corners in 80 MoY Youth Centres and implemented 10 youth-led quick impact projects based on each area’s protection needs. The Programme also hosted a national advocacy event with the participation of 250 members of youth and MoY staff.  

GFP sports

Resilient Youth, Socially and Economically Empowered | Novo Nordisk Foundation 

Implemented by GFP, the Danish Refugee Council, Mercy Corps, Injaz, Jordan River Foundation, and in partnership with the Jordanian Ministry of Youth (MoY) and Ministry of Education (MoE), the Resilient Youth, Socially and Economically Empowered (RYSE) Programme concluded its activities in 2022. The Programme, launched in 2020, aimed to engage young Syrian refugees and conflict-affected youth in Jordan to build better futures for themselves and their communities through positive youth engagement and civic engagement activities over three years. In 2022, GFP supported the implementation of school and community initiatives, including Community Needs Assessments, Open Engagement Days, Learning and Reflection Meetings, Advocacy sessions, Advocacy events, and a Graduation Ceremony for Youth Leaders and Youth Workers from across Jordan.  

The RYSE Programme has benefitted 40 Youth Leaders, 20 Youth Workers from the Jordanian Ministry of Youth (MoY), 5,524 Syrian and Jordanian youth in schools, and 4,645 Syrian and Jordanian youth in communities. 

GFP sports

Jordan Syrian Refugee Response: Sport and Life Skills for Peace | Laureus Sport for Good Foundation

Implemented by GFP, the Jordan Syrian Refugee Response: Sport and Life Skills for Peace Programme engaged Syrian refugee and Jordanian youth at 34 schools across Jordan in host communities to strengthen social cohesion and positive narratives among them. Through hybrid Sport and Arts For Peace activities, the Programme enhanced students’ confidence and developed the capacity of teachers to continue to transfer the values and knowledge gained from the Programme activities.

The Programme benefited 1,700 youth and teachers in selected schools affiliated with the Ministry of Education and reached 6,660 indirect beneficiaries.



GFP sports

USA | Youth INTERACTS | Laureus Sport For Good Foundation and Generation Amazing Foundation 

Implemented by GFP, the Gary Comer Youth Center (GCYC) and the New American Welcome Center (NAWC) at the University YMCA, Youth Inter- and Intra- Group Action Against Community Tensions Through Sport (Youth INTERACTS) Programme was launched in Southside Chicago and Urbana-Champaign, Illinois, to foster interpersonal trust and connection between ethnically diverse youth in Southside Chicago and Urbana-Champaign, Illinois, through Sports For Peace activities. In 2022, GFP supported the implementation of ongoing sessions, intergroup activities, and community days to engage youth in Sport For Peace activities that fostered social cohesion and trust between them.  

Youth INTERACTS has benefitted 120 Target Group and reached 280 indirect beneficiaries.  

GFP sports

Kyrgyzstan | Sport For Peace Programme | Olympic Counsil of Asia 

Implemented by GFP with the support of the Olympic Counsil of Asia, the Sport For Peace Programme is implemented in the Batken region of Kyrgyzstan to promote healthy lifestyles and peacefulness in the communities of the Batken region through Sport and Advocacy For Peace activities. In 2022, the GFP volunteer team provided sports equipment for three schools to create conditions for holding sports events and increase the interest of boys and girls in these schools to practice sport. The School Sports Week activities included volleyball, football, basketball, chess, checkers, table tennis, and relay races, and Sport and Advocacy For Peace events to build tolerance and respect among youth.  

The Programme has reached and benefited 525 direct and 1,050 indirect beneficiaries. 

GFP sports

Pakistan | Youth Engagement to Promote Social Cohesion 

The Youth Engagement to Promote Social Cohesion Programme, implemented by GFP in partnership with SPADO Youth For Peace and with the support of the Olympic Council of Asia, focuses on GFP’s Sport For Peace curriculum for youth in the Peshawar district of Pakistan. The Programme started with Community Needs Assessments, focus group discussions, and advocacy sessions with government officials, female health workers, religious leaders, teachers, students at the University of Peshawar, students of religious institutions, community leaders, and youth in the Peshawar district of Pakistan.  

In 2022, 65 youth participants joined community engagement sessions that merged Sport and Arts as tools for peace and the Programme reached 180 indirect beneficiaries.  

GFP sports

Syria | IDEAS | Tastakel Organisation 

GFP, in partnership with the Tastakel Organisation, launched its first Syria-based Programme, “Social Dialogue for Empowering and Advancing Society Across Various Syrian Religious and Ethnic Identities” (IDEAS), in 2022. The seven-months Programme aimed to promote dialogue as a tool to enhance integration and cohesion between people from different religions and regions within the Syrian community, bringing together diverse groups of women and men from different religious and ethnic backgrounds in the Syrian regions of Azaz and Afrin, and providing them with a space for meeting and engaging in dialogue. 

The IDEAS Programme built the peacebuilding capacities and skills of 60 participants and reached a total of 440 of direct and indirect community members through a series of community engagement activities.  

GFP sports

Sri Lanka | Harnessing Sport for Youth-led Social Change | Olympic Council of Asia 

Implemented by GFP in Sri Lanka with the support of the Olympic Council of Asia, the Harnessing Sport for Youth-led Social Change Programme addresses inter-group identity conflict to enhance social cohesion among diverse youth from different sides of conflict in Sri Lanka. Through Sport For Peace activities, the Programme builds acceptance and cooperation among Tamil, Sihnala, and Muslim youth between the ages of 14-19, and to indirectly benefit their parents and peers.  

The Programme has reached and benefited 225 direct and 1,000 indirect beneficiaries. 

GFP sports

Ghana | Share a Smile | Sanford Harmony and the Youngstars Development Initiative 

Implemented by GFP and Sanford Harmony in partnership with the Youngstars Development Initiative, the Share a Smile Programme was launched in Accra, Ghana to create a safe learning environment for the participants to interact through Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and Sport and Arts For Peace activities that help youth build positive perspectives about each other, and building respect, tolerance and social-emotional competence among students. SEL engages 200 ethnically diverse students from grades 2-4. 

In 2022, GFP continued implementing ongoing activities sessions on Social Emotional Learning (SEL) through Sports and Arts. The Programme has benefitted 200 children and 800 community members in Adante, Accra.  

Institutional Learning


Generations for Peace (GFP) has a strong culture of learning driven by the Institutional Learning Department (ILD), GFP had an active year in 2022 with a wide range of learning and exchange activities. Through the Learning Hub, GFP offered on-site and virtual meetings, quizzes, discussions, simulations, and resources for capacity building opportunities. The ILD also maintained the Learning Leader Board, an initiative that encourages individual and collective learning among all staff members. This platform is accessible 24/7 and allows staff to track their own learning journey and Progress. 

In 2022, the ILD organised All Staff Capacity Strengthening and Development Sessions, which presented relevant processes and tools for work efficiency and staff welfare, including policies, work regulation, procurement, personal income tax, gender equity, safety, and security. 

The Dove Collective were held online three times in 2022.  The Dove Collective aims to strengthen ties between GFP staff and volunteers, check-in on the welfare of GFP volunteers globally, provide space for learning and exchange, provide a platform for questions and clarifications, and share news and updates. The three Dove Collective Sessions hosted 242 global volunteers, delegates, and support volunteers from different counties including Jordan (77), Nigeria (34), Sri Lanka (29), Uganda (25), Zimbabwe (21), Sierra Leone (21), Rwanda (21), Ghana (8), USA (5), Republic of North Macedonia (3), Kyrgyzstan (1), Iraq (1).  


GFP’s Learning Framework is essential for our organisational sustainability. It includes a set of learning goals that provide the foundation for the organisation’s learning standards and guidance for staff on how to best integrate learning and share knowledge in a systematic way that seeks to strengthen organisational effectiveness.  

With the growing thematic areas of GFP’s Programmes, GFP proceeded in consolidating the experience of five years of Organisational Capacity Assessments conducted to build upon previous experiences, learning and knowledge gained to enhance our operations.  The 2022, Organisational Capacity Assessment was conducted as a survey among GFP management and staff during the 2022 Strategic Conversation series on 1 May 2022. The assessment was employed USAID’s, Advancing Partners, and Communities Organisational Capacity Assessment Tool (OCAT).  

In-Depth Inductions were improved in 2022 to include six key milestones aimed at equipping staff with in-depth knowledge about GFP, our frameworks, processes, and policies, as well as supporting the correct use of GFP terminologies. Staff receives certification upon the completion of the sessions and exams.  

In 2022, each department developed its Hard/Technical and Soft/Interpersonal Competency Frameworks aimed at driving and sustaining high performance on an individual and collective level. All staff members were required to complete the All-Staff Mandatory Certifications and Safety and Security on key areas, including Prevention of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse, Safeguarding and Child protection, First Aid, and Core Humanitarian standards.  


In 2022, Generations For Peace was selected as an expert in Monitoring & Evaluation by the USAID – US Agency for International Development Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning Activity (MELA) Programme to provide capacity-building to CSOs in Jordan. Through the Programme, GFP joined the launch of the monitoring, evaluation, and learning MEL Community of Practice; a platform for MEL professionals to share knowledge, collaborate, participate in training, network, and expand their overall capacity in MEL. GFP participated in the USAID Jordan 2022 Annual Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning Conference “Using Learning for Improved Decisions Making Now” and received a certificate of recognition for the valuable participation as an exhibitor. GFP also joined a two-day Practice Training delivered by MELA on Collaborating, Learning, and Adapting (CLA).  

Training of Ministry of Youth M&E staff 

Following an assessment with outstanding results as part of due diligence by USAID MELA on organisational, human capital management, finance, Programming, and MEL, GFP was selected as an accredited local organisation to deliver monitoring and evaluation services through MELA. Delivery of this Task Order involved 45 Ministry of Youth (MoY) Monitoring and Evaluation Department focal points over eight months.  




In 2022, HRH Prince Feisal Al Hussein and Thomas Bach, President of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and Chair of the Olympic Refuge Foundation (ORF) signed an agreement announcing the renewed three-year partnership between ORF and Generations For Peace (GFP) at the Olympic Preparation Centre in Amman. The new partnership is designed to include more than 3,000 Sport For Protection activities delivered to 15,000 young people affected by displacement in host communities across Jordan and the Za’atari and Azraq Refugee Camps. 

The signing followed Thomas Bach’s visit to the Za’atari Refugee Camp during his visit to Jordan, where he participated in sport activities at the UNICEF Makani Centre – a safe space for children to learn, socialize, and play sport. He met with UNHCR, The UN Refugee Agency and UNICEF Jordan representatives, who presented the Camp’s facilities and explained the current refugee situation and challenges. 



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GFP raises revenue by offering event management services and its well-equipped conference centre and auditorium in Sports City, Amman to clients including other NGOs, UN agencies, Embassies and companies. Revenue generated from such events supports our peacebuilding work. For more information please visit our website: or contact

Our audited financial statements are publicly available on our website. 

Source of Funding

2022 Source of Funding   Amount (JOD) 
RDPP 716,611 16%
UNICEF Nashatati & Maharati 2020-2021 609,868 14%
JOC 1,049,996 24%
DRC 784,919 18%
ORF 138,202 3%
EUROPean UNION – Connect  106,122 2%
GIZ 65,227 1%
USEM  413,689 9.3%
UNFPA 56,612 1%
Laureus Sport For Good Foundation- JOD 35,400 1%
UN Women  44,655 1%
Board Member Give or Get Donations 18,640 0%
National Center for Culture & Arts  9,794 0.2%
Generation Amazing  49,154 1%
Laureus Sport for Good Foundation – USA  36,713 1%
Embassy of Switzerland  12,000 0%
Peace + 4,690 0%
Sanford Harmony 3,133 0%
Online Donations 9,116 0.2%
Revenue Generation 11,188 0.3%
Revenue from events  146,342 3.3%
Other revenue 104,795 2%

Expenditure Growth

Expense Growth   Expenses 
2022 4,403,085
2021 4,558,173
2020    3,394,168 
2019    4,988,353 
2018    4,026,963 
2017    3,697,595 
2016    2,647,468 
Mission Direct Expense  82%
Mission Indirect Expense  15%

Funds Used

2022 Mission Direct Expenses  JOD 
Programmes Direct costs  1,394,809 37%
Mission Direct Human Resources  2,008,886 54%
Research  84,459 2%
Mission Direct admin costs, media & communications  238,534 6%
Advanced Training  0 0%
Program expenses supported by unrestrected fund  14,958 0%
2022 Mission Indirect Expenses  JOD 
Mission Indirect Human Resources  311,603 48%
Depreciation  131,029 20%
Fundraising expenses  23,891 4%
Office overheads, utilities  126,622 19%
Recruitment and relocation costs  19,157 3%
Audit fees, bank charges and insurance  29,706 5%
Transportation, travel and other  9,340 1%
Communication  4,001 1%
2022 Other Expenses  JOD   
Loss on foreign currency exchange transactions  6,090  



We believe a more peaceful world is possible. We want to make it happen, now and for future generations.

We believe in active tolerance and that embracing diversity strengthens us. We are concerned about a growing culture of division, prejudice, and hate. We see people struggling to relate to each other and failing to respond to conflict and disputes without resorting to violence.

We believe in the enormous potential of young people to lead change. We are passionate about empowering them to transform conflict and reduce violence in their own communities.

We believe in measuring everything we do, so we can learn, adapt, increase impact, and ensure sustainability.

Our unique model is demonstrating real results with limited resources. We are just 15 years old, but for the last eight years we have been consistently ranked within the Top 35 NGOs in the world, and are currently ranked #26 and the #3 Peacebuilding NGO in the World and #1 NGO in the Arab world. 

We love what we do, and we’re inspired by our volunteers around the world. If you are too, please join us: volunteer, partner, donate, or simply share your story. Please… pass it on!

Generations For Peace is an international non-governmental non-profit organisation registered in Jordan, and a charitable tax-exempt 501(c)(3) non-profit incorporated in the USA.