By Edward Beswick, Research Coordinator, Generations For Peace Institute and Josh Wizman, Intern, Generations for Peace

Building peace is challenging: we all know that. As mentioned in yesterday’s blog post, Josh and I thought it would be good idea to learn more about the people who make GFP – our own superheroes.

So, to begin the Humans of GFP blog posts we decided to ask people what – if they were allowed to choose – their peace-building superpower would be. The responses collected provide some insight into the challenges faced by our GFP Pioneers when carrying out their peace-building programming, as well as inventive, fun ways to overcome them. After all, creativity is an essential skill.

Here’s what they said: 

‘To make everybody love everyone’ – Tamar Nasidze, Georgia

‘The ability to make your audience interact and listen – all the time!’ – Ambrose S. Chinyoka, Zimbabwe

‘To be able to ride my bike around the world promoting peace’ – Dominique Ntawangundi, Rwanda

‘To influence people to make them understand difference’ – Dragana Urumovska, Macedonia

‘The ability to make people respect each other – but, I would also like to be Spiderman’ – Huda Nasrallah, Jordan

‘I would co-ordinate three communities with football’ – Kirisan Ponnusamy, Sri Lanka

‘The ability to convey my message to anyone and to everywhere’ – Muhammed Adamu, Nigeria

‘Building trust with people’ – Zhanyl Baigabylova, Kyrgyzstan

‘Stop time to prevent violence’ – Diah Ayuningtyas, Indonesia

‘I would plant the seeds of peace in the leaders of the world’s minds’ – Helga Rayamajhi Rana, Nepal

‘When I speak I want the public to hear, using a super loudspeaker’ – Louis Appiah, Ghana

That’s all for today.

Tomorrow we will be asking people what motivated them to get involved with peace building and continue our journey of discovery with the Humans of GFP.

Thanks for reading!